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This album of original songs has taken some years to come to fruition but finally

it has been born. Some song writers can simply sit down and write a song whenever    they choose to do so, I on the other hand must rely on life experiences and

inspiration to be able to pen my work.


Some of you out there are the reasons these songs were written.

I will not mention any names but if you think it was about you, you may be right.

Over the last three years I have had plenty of time to reflect on my life and career.

I have enjoyed many years playing live shows and making some great lifelong friends, I don’t regret a single moment.


Three years ago, I had a breakdown and walked away overnight from live gigs.

Only this year, since the passing of a dear friend, have I been able to pick up my guitar and play again.


His words to me “John, you have to play music my son, your songs need to be heard” have given me the strength and encouragement to finish this album.


This album is an anthology journey through time and technology, starting with some of the very first country songs I wrote and moving to the present day, some people would say “not strictly country music” but. .


This is my music. This is how I write...


This is SEVEN TWO 3 4 

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